Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Add Stylish Translate Buttons to Blogger Blog

Hello every one!
By reading this useful tutorial, you will learn about how to add stylish Translate buttons to your Blogger Blog.
I am going to provide you, the code for this purpose, with step-by-step tutorial.
I am sure that you will not find this code anywhere else.
First of ALL.
DOWNLOAD this code(text file)
just follow these simple steps.
1. Login to your Blogger Account.
blogger login by winfoptc

2. Click on the layout Button.

layout button of blogger at winfoptc

3. Click on "Add a Gadget" Button

add a gadget button of blogger at winfoptc

4. A new window will open, scroll down in it. And Click on "HTML/JavaScript" button.

add html javascript by winfoptc

5. Write your desired Title in the Title field. And copy the DOWNLOADED code in the content field.
And click on SAVE.

adding code and saving by winfoptc

Finally, your Translation Gadget will look like the following.

final translation translate translate gadget for blogger blog by winfoptc

I think you will enjoy this tutorial.

So, reply with your comments below.

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Author: Mohammad Waqas
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