Monday, February 25, 2013

Let your Readers Subscribe Your Blog by Email

About this Gadget:

Let your Readers Subscribe Your Blog by Email
Subscribe Blog by Email
How good it would be if someone is busy, and can’t read his favorite blog daily, and if he gets daily updates via email. And he would read these updates whenever he is free? The gadget, on which this tutorial is written, does the same job. “Follow by Email” gadget is one of the most useful gadgets provided by Blogger to its users, which helps the readers of your blog to subscribe through email and whenever you publish any post on your blog, the updates are sent as newsletter in to the email inbox of your blog’s subscriber.

This makes it easy for visitors to subscribe to email delivery when you publish a post. 

How it works:

Follow by Email Gadget
This gadget is just like an application by Feedburner. When someone subscribes updates of your blog, by email, then he is added in the subscribers list of your blog’s feed. And whenever you publish any content in your blog, that content is sent to the list of subscribers in their email inbox in form of auto generated Feedburner email newsletter.

How to add it:

To add the useful gadget: “Follow by Email” to your blogger blog. You just have to follow these simple steps.
1.       Go to your blogger Dashboard.
2.       Click on “Layout” Button.
3.       Click on “Add a Gadget” button.
Add a gadget in Blogger blog

4.       From new window, scroll down and click on “Follow by Email”.
Follow by Email Gadget for Blogger

5.       Enter any title of this gadget in the title field.
6.       In the feed burner field, enter the complete URL of your blogger blog. (If you don’t know about Feedburner, and URL of your Blogger Feed, then visit: “What is Feedburner” & “How to activate Feedburner for Blogger Blog”)
7.       Click “Save”.
Click save

8.       If you want to change the position of this gadget, just pick it up with mouse (staying in Layout section) and drop it where you want. And then click save arrangement.
That’s all…!
Hope you would have enjoyed the trip
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