Sunday, February 17, 2013

Add Google + Followers Badge to Blogger Blog

About this Element:

Google + Followers Badge
Google + Followers
Google + Followers badge is one of the Popular and beautiful gadgets provided by official Blogger team, free for Blogger Users. This badge helps the visitors of your blog to stay connected with you on Google+ and easily find your Google+ profile. Highlight your total Google+ audience (both its size and some friendly faces), and offer visitors the chance to follow you on Google+.

This gadget is very useful for increasing your Google+ audience and your Google+ community by just placing this gadget on to your blog. And when your community on Google+ increases, your shared articles over this community gets maximum hits. And thus, audience stats and page rank of your web increases rapidly.

How to add this Badge

To add this helpful badge to your blogger blog, you just have to follow some simple steps.
1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Click on “Layout” button.
3. On the next screen, click on “Add a Gadget” button in the middle of screen.

Click on add a Gadget

4. In the next appearing window, select “Google + Followers” or click “+” button in front of its title.

Google + Followers Click

5. Select its title according to your desire.
6. Select its size and color theme according to template and space of your blogger blog.
7. Click on save.
That’s it…!
If you want to change the location of this badge, just go back to “Layout” section. Pick up this badge, and place it where you want to be shown.
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