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Add translation Gadget to Blogger Blog

About this Gadget:

Add translation Gadget to Blogger Blog
Google Translate
The translation gadget is one of the best gadget elements provided by Blogger, which enables your blog’s translation in multiple languages. Using this gadget, your blog can be converted into a large number of languages (almost 66 languages). When you enable the translation of your blogger blog, this adds a plus point about your blog in the mind of the reader, because the reader easily understands the content of your blog using his/her own language.

How it works:

This gadget element lets visitors translate your blog into different languages. This gadget uses the “Google Translation” feature to translate almost all contents inside your blog. The user just have to click on his required destination language, and the page reloads and converts all contents into the destination language into seconds!

How to add this:

To add the translation gadget into your blogger blog, you just have to follow some simple steps (even the very starting person can do it).
1. Go to your blogger Dashboard.
2. Click on “Layout” Button.
3. Click on “Add a Gadget”.
Add a gadget in Blogger Blog

4. A new window will be opened, select “Translate” from the list of available gadgets.
Add translation gadget by Google

5. On next page, select any title of this gadget you want. By default, it is “Translate”.
6. Select style of the gadget, which suits your blog most.
7. Click on “Save”. The element will be added to your blog.
Add translation gadget by Google

8. If you want to place this gadget at some other place of your blog, just pick it from “Layout” menu, and place it where you want it to be shown. And click on “Save Arrangement”.
That’s all folks!
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