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Create a New Blog Using Blogger

What is a Blog?

Blogger blog creation
A blog is a website that periodically updates with dated content called blog posts. A blog post can be text, images, video, audio, or any combination thereof. People blog about personal thoughts, opinions, news, stuff they like, stuff they don’t, information they’ve collected, how-to guides on how to to do things, short you can blog about pretty much anything!
Over time, blogging has evolved into a sort of online news/magazine medium, so that bloggers can be anything from hobbyists to professionals to media outlets. This means that blogs now also appear in a variety of forms. Some still look like the online journals they originated as, while others resemble newspapers and online portals.

Elite blogs attract thousands of readers and visitors a day, many bringing in enough revenue to support one or more people working on them. In fact some have grown into large businesses spawning conferences, job boards, and even social networks.
Of course, how you measure your success as a blogger is up to you. Whether it is having a small, devoted following, bringing in a side income, or being linked to and talked about by other bloggers you look up to, every blogger has different goals. This book is about blogging as a serious hobby, profession, and ultimately as a business.

How to create a Blog?

Just follow these simple steps to create your first blog.
1.       Go to
2.       Click on “sign up”
Create a New Blog Using Blogger

3.       Follow the simple form on the next page.
4.       Click on “next step”
Create a New Blog Using Blogger
5.       On next page, add your profile photo and click “next step”
Create a New Blog Using Blogger
6.       Now your profile is complete, click on “back to blogger”
Create a New Blog Using Blogger
7.       On next page, click on “continue to blogger”
8.       On next page, click on “new blog” on the Top left side.
Create a New Blog Using Blogger
9.       Select appropriate Title and address for your new blog.
Your blog’s title and address should be related to each other.
10.   Selected your desired Template design for your blog.
These templates can be changed after you create a blog J
11.   And finally click on “Create Blog”

You are all done! Congratulations on your first blog creation. Now you can start posting in this blog and practice.

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