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What is Feed and FeedBurner?

We think that this article was very necessary to be published, specially for the newbie bloggers, who don’t have any idea about feeds of feed burner. We have tried hard to satisfy all of you with the knowledge. So please comment below your feedback.

What is feed?

What is feed, web feed Blog Feed
A feed is simply your blog. Whenever you create a post in your blog, it is added to your blogroll and feed automatically. And many people can use this feed in many different ways. This feed can be read in “Feed Readers” or simply “Readers”. There are a number of feed reader service providers available on the internet.
Most popular providers among them are:

  1.  Google Reader OR iGoogle
  2. Yahoo Reader OR My Yahoo
  4.  Newsgator
  5. Netvibes
  6. PageFlakes
These readers help you to stay connected with your favorite blogs by just putting the feed address or URL of your blog into these readers. Using these readers, you can customize what blogs you will follow. And when you are using a reader, then whenever you open this reader, it automatically shows you the latest updates of your followed blogs.
So, whenever the blog owner publishes any content on his blog, it goes to the feed, and this feed can be captured and rendered in a readers.

What is Feed Burner?

Feed burner Feed
It is a service of burning feeds, provided by Google. Using this service, you can subscribe to your favorite blog’s feed or you can let your visitors to subscribe to your blog’s feed easily. Whenever someone subscribes to the feed of your blog by email, then he is automatically subscribe to your blog’s updates. After that, when you publish anything on your blog, the subscribers get alerts in their email inbox or their readers are updated with your blog’s updates.
We hope that your should have learnt about feeds and feedburner now.
If you still have any question, then ask us. We will try my best to satisfy with the answers.

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