Saturday, March 2, 2013

Add Popular Posts Gadget to Blogger Blog

About the “Popular Post” Gadget

This gadget is provided by official blogger team. This is one of the best and most useful gadgets for your blog. According to my experience, it is very cool gadget element. This gadget lets your readers know about most popular and most read stories or articles of your blog. Once you add this gadget to your blog, you will also come to know that which posts are most read in your blog. And one of its best qualities is: it lets you filter the most popular posts on the basis of time (i.e. most popular posts in 1 week, 1 month and most popular posts in all time since your blog was launched.)

Further customization contains: show or hide the image thumbnail of the post and snippet (a piece of words) of the post. And you can also select the number of popular posts to be shown, minimum 1 and maximum 10. This gadget is a helpful tool to increase your SEO rank and also helps to increase your blog's page rank.

How to add this gadget

To add the useful gadget of “Popular Posts” to your blogger blog, you just have to follow a few simple steps. The procedure is very easy and simple.
1. Go to your blogger Dashboard.
2. Click on “layout” button.
3. Click on “Add a Gadget” button.

4. From the new appearing window, scroll down and select “Popular Posts” gadget.

5. On the next page, enter any suitable title for this gadget.
6. Select the time filter, as per your need. All time, 30 days or 7 days. (I suggest you select 30 days)
7. From below customization, select or deselect “image thumbnail” and “snippet” buttons. If you select image thumbnail, a small image will be shown with the title of popular post. If you select “snippet” a small piece of words from the popular post will also be shown with its title.
8. Under this, there is the customization for number of posts to be shown; you may select any number from 1 to 10 depending upon the space available on your blog.
9. Click “Save”.

10. If you want the gadget to appear somewhere else in your blog. Then you just have to go back to “Layout” panel. Pick this gadget by mouse, and drop it where you want. And then click save arrangement.
That’s all.
We hope that you would have enjoyed this tutorial. Must share the knowledge and post your feedback below.

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