Sunday, April 21, 2013

Charkoal - Free Blogger Template

This theme was originally a Wordpress theme designed by Jinsona of

Please Follow the below Instructions below carefully: 
»» First Backup your current template before installing any template.
Go to Template » Edit html » and upload the downloaded xml template file (first extract the file) using the upload button. and after installing the template, you have to do a few things.
Here is the screenshot of the 'Charcoal' Blogger Template.

  • 1. Changing the top navigation links to your desired links.
top navbar

Go through the template code till you see this piece of code

and Change the Anchor text and the respective links (#)

  • 2.Change the Blogger Date Format.(so it suits the design)

Go to Settings » Formatting
and choose the type as shown in the below screenshot and Save the Changes.

and the last thing

  • 3.Chage the feed and Technorati links

Go through the template code and Find this code:

and Change the # links with the corresponding links.. For example,change the first # to your blog feedburner url... like ,etc
Like the template or Have any questions to ask..?? Please leave a comment. thanks!

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Author: Mohammad Waqas
Mohammad is the founder of WINFOPTC. He loves to spend time with his blogs and loves to help the people over the internet. Read More →

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