Monday, July 22, 2013

Launching Facebook Timeline Cover Freebies

Facebook Timeline Covers for Free
We have a great announcement for all of our beloved readers. We are going to launch a new service for our readers and members. We will provide facebook covers free to members and readers of our blog in (.jpg, .png, .cdr etc) formats. We will design graphics that would be cool and unique, and these facebook timeline covers will enhance the grace of your facebook timeline.

Since, Facebook cover photos are a great way to express your thoughts. Many people are using facebook cover photos of different styles and different thoughts. Some use some images captured with high-definition cameras for the cover photo of their facebook profile. Some use the timeline covers that contain inspirational quotes in them.

Sometimes we see a facebook timeline that has a humorous cover photo and we get interested in it. We download it, share it and even apply it on our own timeline. We've been copying and downloading hundreds of cover photos of scores of facebook users. But, this ain't gonna happen more.

We will be providing the facebook cover pictures that will contain creativity, designing, inspirational quotes and much more features. We are providing some examples of those cover photos here in this post.

1. This Person Loves to Help

Loves to Help Facebook Timeline Cover
Helping others is a great activity among humans. Even a little help to others could make a big space in other's heart for you. So! You should be caring and helping to others.
This timeline cover photo has been designed using corel draw. What is corel draw? Corel Draw is a powerful designing and editing tool. You can try Corel Draw free for 1 month trial version. Download corel draw free by clicking here.

Need this cover without any link ads?

If you want this one and many more timeline cover photos like this one then you must join our blog by using the widget on the sidebar. Then you must enter your email-id in the comment box below. We'll send you a download link on that email. (Don't worry, we respect privacy) We won't spam on you email.

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