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BlueHost: Best Hosting Provider Company

Why Bluehost?

There are many hosting companies available on the internet. GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost, A Small Orange are just a few of the popular ones out there. I recommend Bluehost because I have been using it for several years and have been very satisfied with the service.

I'm not a webmaster and I don't write code, so I need simplicity and easy-to-figure out information. Anybody with a desire to create a website on their own and is willing to do most of the work themselves will find that the hosting part is pretty simple and needs very little attention - especially if you are with a reputable hosting company.

Lifehacker rates Bluehost as one of the top 5 hosting companies on the web. It consistently rates high among techies. WordPress loves Bluehost because of several reasons - one of them being that it offers auto-install of WordPress! This is a great feature,
especially because installing a website onto the server can be one of the stickiest parts of building your site.

Many people use GoDaddy as their hosting site and then wind up using Website tonight as their web builder. I have used GoDaddy and Website tonight and was not very happy overall. In fact, WebHosting dot info lists the top 15 hosting companies in the US and GoDaddy doesn't even make the list. Too bad because the name is so catchy, which is why people go there and get disappointed first. Combining Bluehost with WordPress has been most beneficial to me as a web builder.

Features of Good Web Hosting

When looking for a hosting company, it's good to have the following features:

24/7 US-based Customer Support
SimpleScripts 1-Click installs
Proven Track Record
Really Fast Servers
Unlimited domain hosting

Personally, I LOVE the UNLIMITED Domain Hosting. Once you have an account with Bluehost, you can host a bunch of other websites for no additional cost. I'm one of those who love the freedom to build a new website and not have to pay another fee. And I've build several using Bluehost.

You can also buy new domains from Bluehost anytime! I like the one-stop shopping... I'm already there, so I usually purchase from Bluehost. It makes the process easier of setting up a new site if I need to.

I love the fact that you get a Free Domain Name once you sign up (for a year). So, if you already have a domain name from another domain selling site, you can transfer that over and still have a free one if you need it.

BlueHost supports international domain names also

I'll be honest, I don't even understand half of what this company offers as much as the computer/programmer geek does. But I do know that when I've had a technical question or need help with an installation or anything, their customer service has helped me every time.


One of the things I look for in a hosting service is the ease of navigation and functionality of the site. Their cPanel (control panel) is easy to navigate and understand. Because of the way it's set up, you can find anything you need for building your site, email, streaming media, etc.

They offer a huge knowledge base and video tutorials for training on just about everything, so you can read, watch, learn and apply. If you have trouble along the way you can always contact Customer Service for support.

Another consideration of course is cost. Bluehost is extremely reasonable for what they offer. You can get started for just under $5 per month for basic service which is all I've ever needed.

If you're looking for a reliable, reasonably priced hosting company with an excellent track record and 24/7 customer service, look no further than Bluehost. Three more reasons to check out this awesome hosting company: No Hidden Fees, Free Instant Set-up and my favorite - Anytime Moneyback Guarantee!

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