Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 5 Smartphones in the World till 2k14

1. Sony Xperia Z1

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The new generation of mobiles from the autumn of 2013 beats its predecessors on all accounts. The best one is once again Sony with its Xperia Z1. It is faster, better looking, smarter, and even more waterproof than the previous top model Xperia Z. The only downside is the high weight.

2. IPhone 5S

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Iphone 5s is no revolutionary update of Apple’s top handset. But there are enough news to make it interesting. Good performance and battery life, despite the compact shapes. The new fingerprint logon is really smooth, and new apps in the iOS 7 adds value.

3. Asus New Padphone

Asus New Padfone has the same awesome performance and screen quality as the more well-known headphones, and a phone that is simply really good on all counts. However, it has nothing extra, like a better camera or that it is waterproof, but it wins on purity and design. Awaiting the Nexus 5, this is the most Nexus-like you can buy right now.

4.LG G2

LG has come up with the new G2 after a number, not equaly impresive models.Great performance with new Snapdragon 800 with the, in our opinion, finest mobile screen right now and with a new fun design makes it is high on the list, despite that it’s a bit tricky interface.

5. Google Nexus 5

Googles own phone built by LG is an impressive combination of high performance and screen quality. An average camera and a little more modest battery time is the reson why it is not really getting a top position, but the price value is no competitor that beats a Nexus.

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